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Soft Tech Plus is a privately owned software company based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The company was started with the ideea that we can do more than just basic software, we can create excellent software! By bringing together skilled software professionals who have a deep understanding of the software development process, we are able to provide both quality and flexibility at a reasonable price. We always put our customers first by making sure we deliver what they need, when they need, approaching each project in the most efficient manner.

Why us?

Our expertise covers a wide range of software applications, from simple websites or mobile applications to complex distributed systems, cloud-based solutions or sophisticated back end services. The team we built combines system architects with more than 15 years of proven experience and seasoned software developers, capable of taking on any type of project. Our flexible, Agile-based methodology and the ongoing contact with our clients allow us to continuously adjust to changing requests and provide detailed tracking of time and costs throughout the project.




An attractive and well designed website will give a new dimension to your business and make it known worldwide, and allows you to promote your products and services to an increasing number of potential customers. It will also help you extend the range of services you can provide and improve the way your business works!

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Mobility is the new standard for any modern business. Enabling your business on mobile platforms will increase your visibility by allowing you to get to more and more people. Integrating mobile applications in your business flows can help you streamline your operations and save time and money!

Database Applications

Database Applications

Databases are capable of storing huge amounts of data, but raw data needs intelligent and efficient processing to be useful. Get the most from your data! Scalable database applications can help your business grow by letting you make quicker and more informed decisions!

Complex Services

Complex Services

As your business grows, the complexity behind it also grows. More and more processes and flows need to be kept at the right pace to make everything work. We can help you use the latest technologies to get it working!

Didn't find what you need?

Didn't find what you need?

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